Nutrition and Ideas for Meals for Suppressed Appetites

Our team has collated the below resources that offer suggestions and ideas to add calories and protein to your diet.

Published: December 7, 2022

Nutrition Worksheet
Frida's clinical team has assembled this nutrition worksheet based off the CHADD Busy Minds Cookbook. We hope this can be a useful summary of things you can do with your nutrition to support your ADHD.

Cookbook for Busy Minds
CHADD has created this cookbook for those with ADHD. The cookbook contains suggestions and recipes that add more calories and protein to your diet.

Protein and Calorie Dense Meal Ideas
Alberta Health offers a collection of recipes that are good for anyone who needs more protein in their day.

Adding Calories and Protein to your Diet
An information sheet from Alberta Health that offers meal tips and suggestions of recipes that add more calories and protein to your diet.

Smoothie Ideas
Smoothies can be a good way to add protein and calories to your diet. This information sheet offers combination ideas that you can try out.

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