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Elevating ADHD care for everyone

The first step to better mental health is being heard.

That’s why we aim to provide everyone, at every stage of their ADHD journey, easy access to specialist clinicians who can understand their needs and provide personalized, evidence-based treatment.

Access to ADHD care isn't equal — yet

We’re driven to provide faster, more accessible ADHD care for everyone because currently, access to ADHD care in Canada can be significantly different and more difficult depending on who you are.


of Canadian adults with ADHD are undiagnosed

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between average diagnosis in boys (age 7) versus girls (age 12)


of girls with attention problems are undiagnosed


more likely for boys to be diagnosed with ADHD than girls


is the average cost of an adult ADHD diagnosis from a psychologist


is the average wait time in months to get an ADHD diagnosis through the public system

From the creators of

Canada’s largest HIV prevention clinic.

Freddie ( was created to provide healthcare for a community that has traditionally been overlooked, stigmatized, and marginalized.

Our clinicians provide care with empathy, compassion, and inclusion in place of judgement.

The Frida care team is in your corner

Frida’s clinicians know first-hand how difficult accessing ADHD care can typically be.

They know that you shouldn’t have to wait months (or over a year!) to get care and that you shouldn’t feel rushed or judged when you’re finally able to.

That’s why they’re working to change the system with Frida. Every member of our care team is here to help you find answers and connect with a supportive like-minded community.

  • Dr. Husein Moloo

    Co-founder | he/him

    Dr. Husein Moloo

    After years of practice, and through his own experience living with ADHD, Husein began to see all the challenges people face trying to get a diagnosis or access treatment.

    So he decided to build Frida, the mental health service he knew people like he himself needed.

  • Dr. Caley Shukalek

    Chief Medical Officer | he/him

    Dr. Caley Shukalek

    As someone with ADHD himself, and having seen the medical and stigmatized struggles of his ADHD patients, Caley was strongly motivated to develop a different kind of health company to support the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD.

  • Natasha Meadus

    Nurse Practitioner | She/Her


    Natasha is a Nurse Practitioner who has focused her career on increasing healthcare access and improving health for vulnerable and marginalized communities. Her experience includes working in sexual health, addictions, and mental health in both Nurse Practitioner and leadership roles.

The values behind Frida


We hold ourselves to the highest clinical standards, and constantly push ourselves to deliver more convenient, more accessible, and more affirming care.


Your mental health journey is as unique as you are. We meet you where you are to offer you support and guidance so you can meaningfully engage in your care


ADHD care often involves long wait times, complicated referrals, and costly medication. We sidestep all of that to provide quick and comfortable care.


There shouldn’t be stigma and shame associated with seeking mental healthcare. We’re here to break the taboo and show that neurodivergence is normal.

How you manage ADHD can change your life

Find out if Frida can help by taking our clinically proven 2-minute ADHD assessment.

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FAQs about Frida

What is Frida about?

Frida makes it easy to find out if you have ADHD, and to get the right treatment for it, provided by qualified, compassionate clinicians — all from the comfort of your home.

Getting a diagnosis for ADHD typically can be extremely difficult, because many family doctors aren't equipped to deal with mental health issues. Even if you get a diagnosis, accessing treatment can cost an incredible amount of time and money. We created Frida because we believe everyone should be able to access the right ADHD and mental health care for them.

Who is Frida for?

Frida is for anyone over the age of 18 who believes they have ADHD, or has ADHD. We tend to focus on women* because ADHD is more under-diagnosed in women than in men. Boys are 3x more likely to be diagnosed as girls, and research shows that 75% of women with attention problems are undiagnosed (source: CADDAC).

All that being said, we welcome everyone to Frida, regardless of the gender and sex they were assigned at birth.

*women in all their diversity: cis-women, trans and non-binary individuals.

I already have ADHD. Is Frida for me?

Yes! If you’d like the additional care Frida provides, we welcome you. We still require all patients to go through our diagnostic process to make sure we can provide you with the highest quality of care.

Complete our free 2-min self-assessment and create an account to see if Frida is right for you.

How does Frida work?

Frida provides diagnosis, treatment and ongoing care for adults with ADHD.

There are six main steps with Frida:

  1. Complete our online assessment to see if you are a good fit for Frida, and if we can support your specific needs.

  2. If we can support your specific needs, you will be able to schedule a judgement-free, full length evaluation with a clinician. It will be conducted by phone.

  3. During the first visit, your clinician will get to know you and work with you to determine which treatment, if any, is appropriate. Your treatment could include medication, therapy or both. Frida does not provide therapy (yet!) but can point you towards other solutions that may work for you.

  4. If you are prescribed medication, it is usually delivered to your home within two business days.

  5. Typically, you will see your clinician for short visits every 4 to 8 weeks at the start to work on tailoring your treatment plan to your specific needs.

  6. Once your treatment plan is optimized and you've reached your optimal dose, you should continue to meet with a Frida clinician every 12 weeks. Outside of your appointments, you can always message your Frida care team! Responses are typically received within 2 business days.

How much does Frida cost?

A full mental health assessment with a Frida clinician, covering ADHD, anxiety, and depression, costs a one-time fee of $599. These assessments — like all treatments at Frida — are provided solely by clinicians with expertise in ADHD and mental health, and they'll work to understand your unique needs and what treatment could help.

If you're diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, or depression by your clinician, you'll have the option to continue treatment through Frida at a cost of $79 per clinician appointment. As an active Frida patient, you'll have access to discounted prescriptions, medication delivery, patient resources, and messaging with the Frida care team and your clinician.

Frida is covered by private insurers that have an eligible health spending account.
If you need financial support to pay for your diagnostic assessment fee, contact us and we'll help.

Does Frida prescribe medications?

Frida prescribes all medications recommended in the Canadian ADHD practice guidelines. If medication is part of your treatment plan, there is no one size fits all - your clinician will recommend medication(s) based on a variety of factors.

If you have anxiety and/or depression (which are common in people with ADHD), your clinician will create a holistic treatment plan, and will also prescribe medication for these conditions.