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Our ADHD assessment process in four steps

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  1. Medical history screener (5-7 minutes)

    You will complete the following questionnaires at your own pace prior to your diagnosis consult: 

    A) The ASRS Part A (Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale Screener) is a clinically validated tool that helps screen for ADHD symptoms to determine the likelihood of an ADHD diagnosis. We refer to this part as the 2-min self-assessment.

    B) The Service Eligibility questionnaire screens for medical conditions that are not appropriate for virtual care and are better served by in-person or specialty care.

  2. Medical assessment forms (20 minutes)

    These are used to better evaluate an individual’s mental health, medical history, and screen further for ADHD symptoms.

    The forms are reviewed by your clinician in advance of your appointment to aid them in better understanding your concerns and to facilitate the discussion. 

    Forms to be completed prior to your appointment:

    • ASRS Part B (Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale Screener)

    • WFIRS (Weiss Functional Impairment Rating Scale)

    • PHQ-9 (Patient Health Questionnaire)

    • GAD-7 (General Anxiety Disorder)

    • Medical assessment form

  3. ADHD assessment appointment (75 minutes*)

    This step is over the phone with your Frida clinician.

    On the call, you will discuss your medical and mental health history, experiences growing up, functioning in different areas of your life, family history, quality of life, and symptoms.

    *If more time is needed, a second appointment (at no extra charge) will be scheduled.

  4. Diagnosis results

    At the end of your assessment, your Frida clinician will share the assessment results and your personalized treatment plan (if diagnosed). 

    You may also request a diagnosis letter.

What makes Frida different

Frida provides top-quality care for ADHD, at an accessible price, with little turnaround time — the exact opposite of what finding ADHD care in Canada is usually like.

ADHD diagnostic assessment

Completed online and over the phone.

Online ADHD assessment with qualified health professionals

Screening for anxiety and depression

Personalized treatment plan, with medication plan (if applicable)

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Includes 3 hours of talk therapy and 1 year subscription to online cognitive behavioural therapy, regardless of your diagnosis

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Financial assistance available — learn more here.

Follow-up appointments

Meet with an ADHD-expert clinician to continue discussions around your treatment.

Medication titration – adjust type, frequency, timing and/or dosage

Medication prescription renewals

Treatment for anxiety and depression (if appropriate to treat virtually)

New Frida patients will meet with their clinician every 4–8 weeks to refill their prescription, discuss progress and adjust treatment if necessary.

Patients who have reached an optimal dose with their treatment typically have one appointment every 3–6 months.

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per appointment

Book after diagnosis

Frida diagnosis required

Frida is covered by most insurer-provided health spending accounts (HSAs).

FAQs about Frida’s ADHD diagnosis

How much does a diagnosis with Frida cost?

A full mental health assessment with a Frida clinician, covering ADHD, anxiety, and depression, costs a one-time fee of $599. These assessments — like all treatments at Frida — are provided solely by clinicians with expertise in ADHD and mental health, and they'll work to understand your unique needs and what treatment could help.

If you're diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, or depression by your clinician, you'll have the option to continue treatment through Frida at a cost of $79 per clinician appointment. As an active Frida patient, you'll have access to discounted prescriptions, patient resources, and messaging with the Frida care team and your clinician.

I heard Frida offers financial assistance. How does it work?

Yes, Frida has a financial assistance program that can lower the cost of your diagnostic assessment to $299 if your annual household income is lower than $50,000.

To learn more about Frida's financial assistance program or to apply, click here.

How long will this take?

From completing your self-assessment and signing up to getting a diagnostic appointment and receiving diagnostic results:

  • British Columbia: ~1 week

  • Alberta: ~3 weeks

  • Ontario: ~3 weeks

Do I need to prepare for my diagnosis consultation?

You will be asked to complete four forms in advance of your evaluation.
These forms will be reviewed by your clinician and will help them make a diagnosis. They take about 20 minutes to complete.

Aside from this, there is no other preparation required.

Who is completing my diagnosis?

You will meet a nurse practitioner who has significant experience diagnosing and treating mental health conditions, as well as additional training in diagnosing and treating ADHD.

Your care team also consists of Frida clinicians, nurses, and pharmacists. You may interact with these healthcare professionals, or they may support your care in the background.

What happens if I'm diagnosed with ADHD?

Your clinician will provide you with a personalized treatment plan and talk to you about next steps. If you'd like to receive a letter of diagnosis, please request one from our team, and we will also get this ready for you after your diagnosis.

What is Frida’s diagnosis process based on?

Frida follows the Canadian ADHD Practice Guidelines.

Can you really diagnose me in 75 minutes?

We do not cut corners or skip any important aspects of a proper evaluation.

However, we also do not add unnecessary steps to the diagnosis process that make things more expensive.

And by asking you to complete your medical history prior to your appointment, we can spend more time preparing and use the assessment's time more efficiently — to really get to you know.

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