Forms, Worksheets, and Questionnaires

Browse our resource center, which offers various forms, worksheets, and questionnaires to support your journey with Frida. Find consent forms for handling personal health information, practical worksheets focused on exercise, nutrition, and sleep, and self-screening questionnaires to help you better understand your well-being.


Consent from Frida Release Form

This form allows Frida to disclose your personal health information to an external 3rd party or healthcare provider.

Consent to Frida Release Form

This form allows Frida to request your personal health information from an external 3rd party of healthcare provider.

Release of Information (ROI) Form

This form allows you to request your personal health information for your own records.


Exercise Worksheet

This worksheet provides guidance for setting goals related to regulating your attention system and suggests techniques for managing symptoms in the short term.

Nutrition Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to help you in establishing goals related to healthy eating and maintaining a healthy weight, which can enhance cognitive functions.

Sleep Worksheet

This worksheet is intended to support you in setting goals to address sleep-related concerns.


Mood Disorder Questionnaire

This is a self-screening instrument to help identify the likelihood of you living with bipolar disorder.


The SNAP-IV is a widely-used rating scale to screen for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.