ADHD Strategies for Life

Tips for lifestyle changes that may be helpful for every day life and work.

Published: December 7, 2022
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Leveraging Sleep, Exercise, and Nutrition to Improve ADHD
This ADDitude article covers suggestions on the combination of sleep, exercise, and nutrition that can better support ADHD.

Strategies for Adults living with ADHD
Suggestions from Advanced Psychiatry Associates around organization, routine, time management, and boundaries that may be helpful strategies to manage your ADHD.

Productivity | Pomodoro Technique
An overview of the pomodoro technique to help with focus and procrastination.

Getting Things Done
11 strategies for de-cluttering, managing paper, overcoming distractions, and getting things done.

8 Tips for Focus / Distractibility
Tips on how to reduce distractions at work and home, from setting realistic goals to getting enough exercise.

33 ADHD-Friendly Ways to get more Organized
An ADDitude article offering 33 tips from author Judith Kolberg on organization strategies for your home and work.

How to assess your executive function strengths and challenges
This was a suggestion from one of our patients that was helpful for them. It is a resource created by CADDRA that helps folks assess their strength and challenges with executive function.

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