Clinician Q&A: Kelsey Mramor, Director of Clinical Operations

Kelsey Mramor, NP, has dedicated her career to improving the lives of others through her work as a clinician. In this interview, she speaks about her professional journey, her philosophy on patient care, and what drives her in her role as Director of Clinical Operations at Frida.

Published: February 10, 2023
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Q: Can you tell us how you became a clinician?

A: “To become a nurse practitioner, a person must complete an undergraduate degree in nursing followed by a few years of full-time clinical experience prior to entering graduate school and the nurse practitioner diploma. I completed my undergraduate degree (BScN) from the University of Alberta in 2007 and my graduate degree (MN, NP) from the University of Toronto in 2014. I’ve spent my entire nurse practitioner career working in primary care settings, whether that be with young families, Indigenous populations, or chronic disease management centers.” 

Q: Can you share a little about your background as a clinician? 

A: “As a registered nurse, my experience has been largely focused on two separate areas: harm reduction and pediatric health. I spent ten years working at a harm reduction clinic in Edmonton, where we served a population with high rates of homelessness, mental health challenges, addictions and/or sex trade work. My role at that clinic varied to include front-line work, community clean-up, nursing triage, and grant writing. When stationed in the hospital, I worked with pediatric patients in a trauma surgery capacity.”

Q: How did you come to Frida / PurposeMed? 

A: “I was fortunate to meet one of the PurposeMed founders in 2020. We remained connected, and in 2022, he reached out to discuss working at PurposeMed. I was intrigued by the patient-first motto, positive culture, fast-moving pace, and inclusivity! It’s been a phenomenal experience.”

Q: What is your approach to patient care?

A: “My approach to patient care is summed up in one word: collaborative. I meet patients where they are, listen to their stories and histories, establish their care goals, and make active plans to achieve those goals together.”

Q: What is your favourite part about the work you do?

A: “My role at PurposeMed is to be a bridge between the clinical team and business/operations teams. I hear ideas, concerns and questions from both sides, and I enjoy problem-solving with the ultimate goal of improving the patient’s experience and the clinician’s experience!”

Q: What do you feel is the impact you want to achieve through Frida? 

A: “My main goal is for our program to provide exceptionally high-quality mental health care to our patient population in a way that meets patients’ goals and expectations and empowers them to care for themselves long-term.”

Q: What motivates you now?

A: “My main motivation is knowing that we can always improve. While we offer exceptional service, there is always room to improve on how we deliver care, the breadth of services we provide, the resources we give to patients, our education and more. I am motivated to continue improving our program so our patients lead healthier lives.”

Q: What does Frida stand for, for you?

A: “Frida stands for high-quality, nonjudgmental, and accessible mental health care for patients experiencing ADHD symptoms. It is a place to receive help when other services aren't available or comprehensive. It is a service that empowers and changes lives for the better.”

Q: Anything else to add that you want our readers to know?

A: “We value each and every person we see and are honoured to be part of their healthcare journey!”

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