Frida's Team Model

At Frida, we embrace a team model to our medical care and support of our patients. You will meet one of our nurse practitioners and registered nurses over the course of your treatment. We also have a team of patient care representatives that you will likely encounter throughout your journey with us.

Published: November 24, 2022
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Our Patient Care team is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have throughout your journey. During our open clinic days, they will usually respond within two business days to your secure private messages.

What does Frida’s team model mean for my appointments?

Your consultations and follow-up appointments will likely include a nurse practitioner and/or a registered nurse. While we try to have you return to see the same practitioner, it is possible that you may meet with another clinician within our team. Every Frida clinician has been selected carefully for their expertise and compassionate approach to patient care and has gone through training specifically in ADHD care. Every clinician also takes great care to add the context of your conversation to your confidential medical file to ensure that the clinician you meet with is well aware of your situation.  

Why does Frida use a team model?

We have recognized that one of the greatest challenges to getting ADHD diagnosis and treatment has been the wait times it often takes to see a clinician. One of the largest contributing reasons why we use a team model is to help alleviate this issue. By booking you in with the first available team member, we can make sure we see you as soon as possible, while maintaining a high quality of care. 

We also believe that through a team model that the strength of the team’s expertise and brain trust can be fully tapped into to offer the possible best care for our patients. 

Frida Care Team

We are a group of clinicians, continuous care support, writers, and creators who care deeply about patient care and ADHD. Together, we write content that we hope sheds light on ADHD and the health care space at large. You can reach us at if you have any questions!