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Get an ADHD diagnosis in days, not months

Complete our self-assessment and create an account to find out if you may have ADHD and if Frida can diagnose you.

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    Take Frida’s free self-assessment (2 minutes) to understand if you may have ADHD and complete a medical screener to make sure Frida is a fit.

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    Book an appointment to meet your clinician for a full evaluation. If diagnosed, you will receive a personalized treatment plan and diagnosis report (upon request).

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    Receive ongoing care including regular check-in appointments, messaging with Frida's care team, and behavioral management resources & virtual sessions.

Frida ADHD Diagnosis Report

Now Available

A comprehensive reportof your ADHD assessment

In addition to your diagnosis results, you will receive a 
10-page report including the following:

Your ADHD symptoms & type

Results of depression and anxiety scales

Functional impairment by areas of life

Letter of diagnosis (upon request)

*Some items (such as the letter of diagnosis & treatment plan) may not be included if you are not diagnosed with ADHD.

Accessible options for ADHD care

An ADHD diagnosis or treatment plan for adults typically takes many months and can cost thousands of dollars.

Frida is changing that.

ADHD diagnostic assessment

Completed online & over the phone

Diagnosis within weeks

Medical history screening

Screening for anxiety and depression

Diagnosis report

Qualified & regulated health professionals

Learn how Frida diagnoses ADHD


Or pay $99.87 / month with Affirm logo

Continuous Care Membership

Includes care for ADHD, anxiety, and depression

Personalized treatment plan

Regular appointments with clinician

Unlimited messaging with care team

Subsidized medication costs

Learn how Frida treats ADHD

29/ month

First month free.
Cancel anytime.

Enrol after diagnosis

Frida diagnosis required

Frida is covered by most insurer-provided health spending accounts (HSAs).

Financial assistance for ADHD diagnostic fees is available — contact our team to learn more.

Where is Frida available?

Currently, Frida is serving patients in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.

We're working towards expanding our services to other provinces. If you're currently in another Canadian province, you can join our waiting list by selecting "Other" in the province options here.

How long will this take?

From completing your self-assessment and signing up to getting a diagnostic appointment and receiving diagnostic results:

  • British Columbia: ~1 week

  • Alberta: ~3 weeks

  • Ontario: ~3 weeks

When will I receive my diagnosis report?

You will receive your diagnosis report within 2 business days of your completed assessment.

Can I send the diagnosis report to my primary care provider?

Yes, the report can be sent to your care provider.
You may as well share it with anyone you would like — family or friends for example.
You can also request formal proof of diagnosis letter from your clinician.

I heard Frida offers financial assistance. How does it work?

It's true. Frida has a financial assistance program available, where our company will subsidize the costs of your diagnosis for you.

The best way to learn more about our program and its requirements is to contact our support team at They will provide you with more information, and let you know the income thresholds for application and what you need to do to apply for for financial assistance.

Unfortunately Affirm is unavailable as a payment option for those receiving financial assistance from Frida.

What is Frida’s payment option, Affirm?

Affirm is a short-term financing provider that allows Frida patients to split their diagnostic assessment fee into small monthly payments, without any interest or fees.

Our hope is that with Affirm, accessing a diagnosis becomes easier for our patients.

Does Frida accept private insurance?

You will be able to claim Frida's diagnosis & treatment costs if your private insurance plan offers a health spending account.

However, the cost is not covered by private insurance plans that do not have a specific health spending account.

Is medication covered under Frida?

Medication (if prescribed) is not included, but private/public insurance and Frida financial assistance lower the cost of medication.

We'll work with you to find the lowest cost option.

Do I need to enroll in continuous care?

Continuous care is an option service from Frida that provides ongoing clinician appointments, medication management (including free delivery where applicable), and unlimited messaging with our care team for just $29 a month with no commitments.

While continuous care isn't mandatory, it's a crucial part of what we offer, and we strongly encourage anyone who receives an ADHD diagnosis to join. Following up on your diagnosis with the right treatment, provided by people that really get ADHD, is the best way to create the change you're looking for.

Those who receive a diagnosis through Frida will be auto-enrolled into our Continuous Care 30 days after their initial appointment. You may cancel your enrolment at any time.

I already have ADHD. Is Frida for me?

Yes! If you’d like the additional care Frida provides, we welcome you. We still require all patients to go through our diagnostic process to make sure we can provide you with the highest quality of care.

Complete our free 2-min self-assessment and create an account to see if Frida is right for you.

How you manage ADHD can change your life

Find out if Frida can help by taking our clinically proven 2-minute ADHD assessment.

Start your assessment (2-min)

Get support from experts in ADHD

Many clinicians don’t understand ADHD — which is why fewer than half of adults with ADHD ever receive a diagnosis.

Frida’s clinicians are experts in ADHD and are here to provide judgement-free care that helps you improve your life while staying true to yourself.

  • Dr. Husein Moloo

    Co-founder | he/him

    Dr. Husein Moloo

    After years of practice, and through his own experience living with ADHD, Husein began to see all the challenges people face trying to get a diagnosis or access treatment.

    So he decided to build Frida, the mental health service he knew people like he himself needed.

  • Dr. Caley Shukalek

    Chief Medical Officer | he/him

    Dr. Caley Shukalek

    As someone with ADHD himself, and having seen the medical and stigmatized struggles of his ADHD patients, Caley was strongly motivated to develop a different kind of health company to support the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD.

  • Dr. Rita Watterson

    Medical Advisor | she/her

    Dr. Rita Watterson

    Rita is a psychiatrist in Calgary and received Avenue Magazine's Top 40 under 40 Award for her work to advance mental healthcare in Canada and abroad.

  • Brittany Koster

    Clinical Lead / Nurse Practitioner

    Brittany Koster

    Brittany specializes in primary care and takes great pride in empowering individuals with ADHD and assisting them towards their wellness goals.

    “This condition is so frequently missed, and its management is such an integral piece of a person’s overall well being."

What makes Frida different

Frida provides top-quality care for ADHD, at an accessible price, with little turnaround time — the exact opposite of what finding ADHD care in Canada is usually like.

FridaPrivate clinicsPsychiatrist (from referral)
Cost of diagnosis$599$2,500$0
Continuous careYes, at $29 / monthTitration onlySometimes
Wait timeAvg. 2 weeks8+ weeks6+ months
Personalized treatment planYesSometimesYes
Able to prescribe medicationYesSometimesYes
Financial assistance availableYesGet startedNoNot applicable

Frequently asked questions

What should I expect after Frida’s free self-assessment?

Upon completing your self-assessment, you will be given an answer on whether you may have ADHD or not. If positive, you will be prompted to create your free Frida account.

After you’ve created your account, you will be asked to complete the following within the Frida Care Portal:

  1. Answer a screening questionnaire to make sure Frida is a fit. 

  2. Book an appointment to confirm your diagnosis.

  3. Prior to your appointment, complete a series of additional screening questionnaires.

On the day of your appointment:

  • Your clinician will call you at your scheduled appointment time; it may show up as a blocked number. 

  • Find a safe, quiet, private space.

  • You cannot be driving during the appointment.

  • The appointment will be scheduled for 75 min. If you need more time with the clinician, a second (shorter) appointment will be scheduled.

Frida’s robust processes are an investment in your health. By submitting your medical history in advance, your clinician can come prepared to clarify some items and further discuss your care with Frida’s medical team. This is how an accurate diagnosis is made. Some persons will not be appropriate for care through Frida, but we will do our best to guide you towards a provider or service that can.

RELATED: Complete your free ADHD self-assessment

How do I know if I have ADHD?

There are many different symptoms associated with ADHD. We recommend starting with our one minute assessment. It is a clinically validated tool called the ASRS that is used to help diagnose ADHD in adults.

The ASRS is extremely effective at accurately telling you if you do not have ADHD. And it is pretty effective at telling you if you do have ADHD, although less so.

If your assessment results say your symptoms are consistent with ADHD, we recommend booking an appointment with a Frida clinician for a full-length interview to better assess your possible ADHD diagnosis.

You can start the assessment here.

How does Frida work?

Frida provides diagnosis, treatment and ongoing care for adults with ADHD.

There are six main steps with Frida:

  1. Complete our online assessment to see if you are a good fit for Frida, and if we can support your specific needs.

  2. If we can support your specific needs, you will be able to schedule a judgement-free, full length evaluation with a clinician. It will be conducted by phone.

  3. During the first visit, your clinician will get to know you and work with you to determine which treatment, if any, is appropriate. Your treatment could include medication, therapy or both. Frida does not provide therapy (yet!) but can point you towards other solutions that may work for you.

  4. If you are prescribed medication, it is usually delivered to your home within two business days.

  5. Typically, you will see your clinician for short visits every 2 to 4 weeks at the start to work on tailoring your treatment plan to your specific needs.

  6. Once your treatment plan is optimized, you will check in with your care team every three months by phone or chat. The choice is typically yours, although sometimes we will need to speak with you. And you can always message your care team! Responses are typically received within 2 business days.

I already have ADHD. Is Frida for me?

Yes! If you’d like the additional care Frida provides, we welcome you. We still require all patients to go through our diagnostic process to make sure we can provide you with the highest quality of care.

Complete our free 2-min self-assessment and create an account to see if Frida is right for you.

Who is Frida for?

Frida is for anyone over the age of 18 who believes they have ADHD, or has ADHD. We tend to focus on women* because ADHD is more under-diagnosed in women than in men. Boys are 3x more likely to be diagnosed as girls, and research shows that 75% of women with attention problems are undiagnosed (source: CADDAC).

All that being said, we welcome everyone to Frida, regardless of the gender and sex they were assigned at birth.

*women in all their diversity: cis-women, trans and non-binary individuals.

Does Frida prescribe medications?

Frida prescribes all medications recommended in the Canadian ADHD practice guidelines. If medication is part of your treatment plan, there is no one size fits all - your clinician will recommend medication(s) based on a variety of factors.

If you have anxiety and/or depression (which are common in people with ADHD), your clinician will create a holistic treatment plan, and will also prescribe medication for these conditions.

How much does Frida cost?

Frida provides two complementary services — diagnostic assessments and continuous care — that have separate costs.

A diagnostic assessment with a Frida clinician costs a one-time fee of $599. If you're diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, or depression, you have the option to sign up for continuous care for $29 a month, which includes regular appointments with your clinician, subsidized medication with free at-home delivery, and unlimited messaging with the Frida care team.

You also have the option to split your diagnostic assessment payment across multiple months with no interest with our payment partner, Affirm.

Frida is covered by private insurers that have an eligible health spending account. If you need financial support to pay for your diagnostic assessment fee, contact us and we'll help.

Does Frida accept private insurance?

You will be able to claim Frida's diagnosis & treatment costs if your private insurance plan offers a health spending account.

However, the cost is not covered by private insurance plans that do not have a specific health spending account.

Does Frida provide therapy?

Frida is currently developing behavioral management resources, including self-directed and group therapy programs organized by Frida clinicians.

These non-medication treatment programs will be announced shortly

Access to these programs will be free with all Frida subscriptions.

Does Frida provide services for other mental health conditions?

At this point in time, Frida is focused on adults with ADHD. However, if you have anxiety and/or depression (which are common in people with ADHD), your Frida clinician will treat these conditions as well.

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