Sleep Hygiene Worksheet

Sleep problems and insomnia are very commonly reported by people diagnosed with ADHD. 

Insufficient sleep can result in difficulties with attention, emotional/behavioural regulation, cognitive functioning, memory and performance. 

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Published: December 2, 2022

Goal #1: Sleep Hygiene

(Fill in the blanks)

Bedtime Alarm : __________

Note: *This should be 30-60min before bedtime. It’s a reminder to stop what you are doing and initiate your sleep hygiene routine.

Bedtime: __________

Wake Up: __________

Routine: ___________/ ___________/ ___________/ ___________/ ____________/____________

Note: *Post up your bedtime routine  in the bathroom and initiate once the bedtime alarm goes off.

Set a Sleep Schedule

Set a routine. Go to sleep & wake up at the same time everyday. 

Goal 8 hours of sleep per night.

Avoid Napping. If needed- aim for a nap before 3 PM, limiting to 10- 20 mins.

Follow a Routine 

These are just options, tailor your bedtime routine to best suit you.

  • Dim lights

  • Plug in phone

  • Brush Teeth

  • Wash Face

  • Comfy PJ’s

  • Stretching

  • To Do List

  • Agenda

  • Soft Music

  • Meditation

  • Reading 5-10 pages    

Pro Tips

Unplug from Electronics:

Screens cause sleeping difficulty by stimulating the brain and generating blue light that decreases melatonin production.  

Don’t Toss & Turn:

If you have been in bed for 20 minutes without falling asleep, get up - stretch, read, or do something else in low light before trying again. 

Get Daylight Exposure:

Regulates circadian rhythm.

Reduce Caffeine/Alcohol:

Especially in the evening. Caffeine and alcohol disrupt sleep. 

Get Regular Exercise:

Promotes better sleep. 

Restrict In Bed Activity:

Use your bed only for sleep and sexual activity.  Avoid other activities such as eating, watching tv, and working in bed. This can help build a link in your mind between sleep and your bed. 

Information Retrieved from: What Is Sleep Hygiene? / CADDRA Guidelines

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